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How to increase lead generation with clear conversion paths

[fa icon="calendar'] 11-Mar-2016 11:30:00 / by Natasha Cartwright


Lead generation, something all marketers have to do, but not something that happens easily. There are many tools, tactics and new ideas out there for gaining information about your website visitors.

But, did you know that there is an easy way to ensure that when visitors land on your website, there is a clear path for them to follow to becoming a lead?

What is a conversion path?

A conversion path is the process of guiding your unknown visitor to become a lead. Your conversion path begins with a content offer tailored to your buyer persona. You then top and tail your path with an attractive call-to-action, landing page and a thank you page.

The path starts when a visitor clicks on a call to action, they'll land on a conversion optimised landing page, which includes a data capture form. Once the form has been filled in, the now lead will be sent to a thank you page and receive the content offer.

Although the process sounds rather simple, it's never been more important to create the right conversion paths for the visitors you're looking to target. This type of lead generation isn't intrusive; it's all about ensuring your offer provides something valuable to the visitor and having strong call-to-action and optimised landing page content.

For more information about the components of an effective conversion path, you can read the full article on the Katapult Marketing Blog...

Read the full article on the Katapult Marketing Blog

Building Conversion Paths for Effective Lead Generation

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Natasha Cartwright

Written by Natasha Cartwright

As Digital Marketing Executive at Katapult, Natasha specialises in the 'convert' aspect of the inbound marketing methodology. Natasha manages lead nurturing and re-engagement campaigns for a range of clients, helping them close leads.